The information contained in the this file has been extracted from the Huettengesess Parish, Hessen-Nassau, (1700-1830) all of the Births, Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths have been extracted. There is information from other Parish in the area that is related to the Huettengesess Parish. A list of these other Parishes mentioned in the Huettengesess Parish Records or where related research has been conducted on common families can be found below the alpha links. Huettengesess was part of other Parishers prior to 1700, mostly Langense;bp;d/


The files are broken down according to the alphabet. There is a file of wife's names where the maiden name was not mentioned, this will be found under file NM, all others will be found under alpha letter. Please click on the hyper links below and that will take you to the files.

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Pitures of Alt Weidemess, Neu Weidemess & Huttengesess

Huttengesess 1-10

Huttengesess 11-20

Huttengesess 21-30

Huttengesess 31-40

Huttengesess 41-50

Huttengesess 51-60

Huttengesess 61-70

Huttengesess 71-80

Huttengesess 81-90

Huttengesess 91-100

Huttengesess 101-110

Huttengesess 111-121